With this age, most students especially teenagers are doing very little to no physical activity. This leads to these young people accumulating high volumes of sedentary behaviour which are risk factor for multiple negative health-related outcomes. Here is a simple routine I drafted for my busy on the schedule students clients to keep them mobile and fit while still managing those heavy school hours.

1. Have at least 40 minutes of running or cycling or swimming 4 to 6 times a week.

2. Stretching routine after every other day or two days depending on how easy it is for you. Aim at stretching with proper form (being stable and in control of the pose/position without shaking/slipping) at first and the duration comes in later.

  1. 30 to 50 rope skips/Jumping Jacks
  2. Side stretch by the wall (10 to 30 seconds).
  3. Wall Stretch facing down (10 to 30 seconds).
  4. Deep Front Lunge (10 to 30 seconds)
  5. Deep Side Lunge (10 to 30 seconds)
  6. Hamstring and Calf stretch against the wall. (10 to 30s)
  7. Hip Bridge. Hold the pose for 10 to 30s.
  8. Cobra pose. Repeat 5 to 15 times.
  9. Cat cow pose. Repeat 5 to 15 times.
  10. End with a child’s pose for 10 to 30s.