Mobility Key Components

Chronic diseases frequently cause reduced mobility, pain and diminished quality of life. This leads to the hottest trend in mobility right now is not being a smart phone or a wireless gadget. Need for mobility is making health headlines in a way mobility is that freedom and control of our bodies that lets us do what we need to do: walk and move.

Mobility is essential for getting through the day, whether you need to walk across a room to the bathroom or kitchen, get out of bed or a chair, or walk through a grocery store. Here we highlight the key concepts of mobility in this infographic.

Mobility encompasses the use of functional movements.  Learning functional movements will have you using multiple muscles with each move and will minimize your risk of injury as you train, move or with your activities of daily living. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a beginner, or an older adult, you will reap the benefits of taking exercise back to the basics with functional movement training. 

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